Having chest muscles is often considered as one of the greatest assets a man could have as far as the body is concerned.  Lots of people spend time in the gym not only to get a well-shaped body, but also to build the desired chest muscles. As much as you are working out to have a superb chest, you should ensure that all the parts of the body are physically fit. Many people find themselves concentrating on the chest than any other part of the body as it is considered as one of the hardest body parts to build muscles.

People spend time in the gym and clubs using all the available equipment in quest to build up the chest muscles. However, the truth is that you do not need the equipment in order for you to get these muscles and as a matter of fact, exercising without the use of gym equipment helps in great ways to build up the chest muscles. Before you can start on any form of exercise, it is advisable that you should consult your doctor. Once the doctor approves, the four major steps of strengthening your chest muscles are;

  1. Warm up; this is arguably the first step that you ought to do. It involves doing standard activities for about 5-10 minutes you should then move your joints and muscles. Also, you can do some pushups at a low power level.
  1. While doing the pushups, the arms, shoulders and chest should be in coordination. Try to twist your hip so that when you bend the left knee it will come right below the right elbow. Then lower your back to the floor. This procedure should be repeated for about 10 minutes. It is possible to perform the pushups while someone is standing. This is by leaning against a wall, or standing at the door way.
  1. After the performance of the pushups, perform the dips that aim the chest, upper back, the arms and the shoulders. In order for you to be able to perform this, you should sit on the floor with bended knees; raise your button the floor so that the butt and the torso are parallel to the floor. You should then bend your elbows and bring your butt to the floor. This looks to be more of like you are doing pushups on the sideways angle. This procedure, need to be repeated for about 10 times.
  1. Once that is done, lie on the floor with your left side, your knees bent together. This angle enables you to be up and you able to do the triceps press. These target the arms, shoulders, and the chest. Position your arm in front of the chest and push the palm to the floor. Let the left arm curl under the right so as to grasp the right shoulder. Repeat this procedure for about 10 times.

Some other exercises include:





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Following the above steps, it is very possible to have the chest muscles that you have been longing for.