Are you choosing between a retriever and a Poodle? Well, why not choose both? Choose a Golden doodle Puppy.  As the name implies, it is a half Poodle and half Golden Retriever. Essentially, the most important aspect that you have to consider when you choose a puppy is the suitability not only to your budget but also to your lifestyle. Since Golden doodle puppies need high maintenance in order to achieve maximum care, make sure that you are really committed to taking care of them. With this, be ready as you consider the following tips in choosing a Golden doodle puppy.

  1. Where to get one

If one of your friends suggests that you purchase ta Golden doodle from a local pet store, you better think twice. Why? Dogs from pet stores are usually low-maintained thus you might have an unhealthy puppy in the long run. So what’s the better option? A good place to purchase a Golden doodle Puppy is from a local pet rescue group.  Take note that these dogs require a good place to live and rescue chapters are perfect place for them. You might also want to refer from a Golden doodle breeder. If you prefer this way, make sure that the breeder is a reputable one.  You can do this by paying a visit to his place to ascertain if the premises are clean.

  1. Health Considerations

If possible, get the details about the parents of your puppy. There are hereditary health problems associated with Golden doodle such as hip dysplasia, patella disorders, PRA or progressive retinal atrophy and elbow issues. Fortunately, the hybrid Golden doodle is much more resistive against heath problems than their parent thus they usually have higher life expectancy. It’s recommended to visit a professional Killara vet clinic such as Gordon Vet for more information about the health aspects of Golden doodle puppy.

  1. Understanding Golden Retriever to Poodle ratio


Take note, you might be offered with half Golden Retriever and half Poodle,-the cross breed of the two breeds. This will fall under the category F1 without other types.  If the puppy you have obtained is an offspring of a purebred Poodle and F1 Golden doodle, it is categorized as F1b.  If an F1 is crossbred with another F1, F2 Golden doodle is produced. What is the importance of knowing the golden to doodle ratio? This is to inform you whether your dog acquires the features of the golden retriever or a poodle.

  1. Follow your instinct

If you have found a good place where to purchase a Golden doodle puppy, it is a good thing to trust your intuition. Just for instance, one of the puppies dearly barks at you, it might be a sign. You might also find one friendlier over the others. In fact, you can discern their future traits even when they are still young.  Meaning, if a puppy tends to become active, there is a high possibility that it will retain the same disposition when it grows.

  1. Professional help

During your off days, you might want to look for a Golden doodle pup from a reputable breeder or pet rescue center. You might also want to ask safe puppy vaccinations from Gordon Vet or just visit their clinic.

Golden doodles are known for their vitality and easy-going behaviours thus you have great chance of getting a good pup. Good luck in picking!