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The use of synthetic testosterone in the bodybuilding community is quite rampant. Testobolin is a form of testosterone that’s manufactured by Alpha Pharma labs. This is an anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is also known by its generic name – testosterone enanthate. Before you consider Testobolin 250mg, below are the things worth knowing.

About using Testobolin

A man’s body is capable of producing enough testosterone as required at a particular age. However, if the functions of the testes, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus gland are compromised, the level of testosterone may drop considerably. This is when doctors use synthetic testosterone to restore the hormone level. Testobolin is one such steroid, which comes with milliliter strength of 250 mg as an injectable. Most synthetic forms of testosterone have esters attached, which help in modifying the half-life of the drug, so as to control the absorption rate. Testobolin is often used as a part of hormone replacement therapy to treat hypogonadism and infertility. It is also effective in treating certain types of anemia.

Dosage and other details

Testobolin is an injectable steroid, which is intramuscularly administered. The dosage depends on the facts of the case, but in most medical scenarios, a dosage anywhere between 50 mg and 400 mg is used every two to four weeks. Quite obviously, bodybuilders take much higher than the recommended dosages. Some seasoned users often use 250 mg per week, while others may use up to 100 mg. Please note that increasing the dosage of Testobolin also increases the side effects. Testobolin has a long half-life, and therefore, some of these side effects can be quite serious.

Side effects

Testobolin has many side effects, which are same or similar to other forms of testosterone. Women should be careful about virilization effects, which is the development of manly characteristics. In most cases, this is not a recommended solution for women. Testobolin can cause additional adverse effects like growth of facial hair, enlargement of clitoris, deepening of voice, changes in menstrual cycle, infertility, and gynecomastia in men. These side effects can be minimized with PCT, but that doesn’t always work in all cases. It is always best to consider the long term health impacts before using different synthetic testosterone forms.

Check online, where you can find details on buying Testobolin from different sources. Keep in mind that these are prescription-only drugs in many countries, and therefore, buying these online can be an illegal act.