Today people are addicted to alcohol; they always find the reason to drink. Some say it relives them from stress while others just have it for fun. Many of the people who drink say they never cross the limit, but can anyone say what is the limit?

Every time we drink we slowly start getting addicted to it which can have adverse effect on our health. It is seen that drinking too much on regular basis is nothing but harming yourself.  It is found that drinking too much alcohol can lead to hair loss and thinning of hair.

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Consuming alcohol regularly may affect your health adversely; the alcohol that you drink has an impact on your system even though you don’t have a hangover. But taking small steps can help you make a big difference towards your health. Our hair is made up of two main components which are known as SHAFT and ROOT.  Cells are formed at root and as time passes on they will die and leads to new hair growth. Constant nourishment will keep your hair healthy.  People who drink regularly experience hair loss as compared to those who don’t drink. Women who drink regularly experience more of hair loss and range of other health related problems as compared to men. As per the guidelines for safety level of drinking Department of Health, men should not exceed maximum of 4 drinks a day which means 21 units a week and 2-3 units per day for women which comes to 14 units a week.

Alcoholism and Hair loss

  • Researchers have found many reasons along with long solutions as why we shed our hair daily. There are 2 main causes of hair loss:
  1. Hereditary effects:- It can be passed on to children by parents who are suffering from baldness problem
  2. Stress: – Stress is one of the most common problems, Work pressures that people face in daily routine is one of the main reasons of stress. It is scientifically proved that stress results in loss of hair and bald patches.

How is hair loss caused by alcohol?

The level of estrogen and Zinc in the body can be adversely affected by Alcohol which stops hair growth. There are many reasons on how alcohol causes hair loss:

  1. Level of estrogen increases with the increase in alcohol consumption, which results in hair loss.
  2. Zinc is one of the essential mineral for healthy  hair growth whereas drinking excessively can reduce the level of zinc in the body

In addition to it, regular consumption of alcohol may result in lower level of vitamin B and C in the body. Apart from this it also reduces the level of folic acid that helps in maintaining healthy hair, which may cause hair loss.

What are the nutritional related deficiency and hair loss?

  • According to the researchers, deficiency of iron causes hair loss in women and might lead to the condition known as Telogen Effluvium.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol depletes many nutrients that help in cell production, growth and hormone regulation.
  • Overall health of the hair will suffer; new hair production might slow down, thereby decreasing hair growth.
  • Virtually every part of the body gets affected by alcohol, and the level of nutrition gets affected adversely.
  • Alcohol may deplete the supply of iron and Zinc in the body which may lead to hair loss.
  • Zinc plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the hair; it also helps the body in observing the host nutrients which is essential for normal hair growth.
  • Zinc needs to be consumed on daily basis; it is a type of mineral that cannot be stored in the body.
  • Intake of alcohol in great quantity prevents building up of Zinc in our body or prevents it from being absorbed properly.

There is no doubt that alcohol contributes to hair loss. Drinking alcohol excessively may lead to serious problems such as skin problem, weight gain, loss of memory, hair loss, depression etc, It may also cause long term health problem such as high blood pressure, breast cancer, chronic liver disease, The only solution is reducing the consumption of alcohol which is not only good for your hair but also for your entire body.

Going to the root of the problem is very important in order to stop hair loss; if you are thinking to reduce the consumption of alcohol then you are on the right path. Hair loss caused by alcohol is temporary and you can get back your hair provided you stop consuming alcohol excessively. A little effort from your side to stay away from alcohol can help you get both healthy hair and body.