It may seem like an old story that back in the day women from rural villages would have to walk miles every day just to fetch a pot of water, mostly making multiple trips because they cannot carry sufficient water for the family in just one trip. This water will then have to be boiled before they can use it to cook, clean or drink. Unfortunately, this is still the reality of numerous women in rural parts of India. As a matter of fact, 75% of the Indian population still doesn’t have access to clean water supply. There are however, several social workers and well wishers who are constantly working in this space to ensure rural families have clean water supply. The troubles arise when considerations of the expenses involved with such large scale rural development projects. To such people and organizations, we urge you to use crowdfunding India platforms to appeal to the community and society and raise money for your initiative.

So let us explore the possibilities of encouraging a crowdfunding India to alleviate problems of clean water supply.

Maintenance of existing water supply systems

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Indian government took measures to improve rural water supply, ensuring that the necessary infrastructure was built to cover over 95% of the population. Unfortunately, due to lack of ownership and awareness, over the years, those water systems have become dysfunctional. If, through crowdfunding for the maintenance of these neglected water supply systems, the villagers can get water again, it will be a huge achievement in development.

Tap water in toilets

Provision for tap water in toilets of all homes in villages can easily be crowdfunded for. While the government has taken steps to build toilets in rural India, the lack of water supply has prevented people from using the toilets.

Effective water purification system

Due to consumption of unclean water, many waterborne diseases spread among the rural poor, cholera being a scary example. To make things worse, they are the very population that can’t even afford to get medical treatment. Using crowdfunded money to invest in a large scale village water purification system can effectively reduce the instance of waterborne diseases.

Rainwater harvesting

Building structures for rainwater harvesting is not only an important step in ensuring perennial water supply for villagers, but is also the most crucial part of water conservation for a sustainable environment.

Storage tanks and reservoirs

Storage tanks and reservoirs would surely be required to store the water for later use. Purchase, transport, and installation of these tanks would be a huge expense, but effective crowdfunding will help you overcome the money related constraints.

Provision for borewells

Raise money to dig borewells that will have automatic pumps. Such an initiative would involve pipes, other accessories, and labour expenses.

If this cause resonates with you, don’t hesitate to start a crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru. Our customer support team will help you get financial support for your initiative, for this cause has the potential to positively impact so many lives in our country.