It is always being a question of concern among hair loss patient that what would be the hair transplant cost, but very few of them have an idea about the logic behind it! What makes sense in the procedure and what influences the cost pattern is a matter of knowledgeable discussion that must line-up with your hair transplant Surgeon. However, the cost of the procedure should be clear before the surgery as it is the assessment time that explores the state of hair loss as well as the needed number of grafts that decides the cost of the procedure ultimately.

The restoration of hair implies that the hair roots are transferred from the donor location into the recipient bald area via the process of root extraction that may either be done by the FUT technique or the FUE one! Both the techniques are involved to extract a certain amount of graft/follicular units that are used for the implantation and sort out the problem of baldness/hair loss permanently. Usually, the FUT technique weighs at less cost as compared to FUE and very famous in the restoration world owing to its importance of giving an expected number of grafts that are used for covering the particular NW-grade of baldness. So, it is worth to choose the technique of FUT provided you would have a good donor area and already crossed the age of 25 to get the best cosmetic benefit of the procedure.

The cost of the hair transplant procedure is directly related to the use/practiced technique, but there are other factors also that decide the cost and must understand carefully before going to receive the procedure as a final solution.

The Factors that influence the cost of hair restoration procedure are as follows:

  • The Graft’s Number: Graft is what that directly influence the cost of the procedure as it is transplanted to the recipient bald portion in order to cover the baldness and graft transformed your looks with a head full of hair. So, the graft is all in all in the hair transplant procedure and takes part as a building block in the surgical restoration application. Each graft rate during the procedure as the procedure cost is based on the price of every graft. In India, per graft cost generally ranges between Rs. 25-120 INR/, which is considered as one of the reasonable methods to put the cost and less as compared to the other Western & European countries.
  • The State of Hair Loss: The more area got affected by the baldness more the NW-grade will appear and the requirement of graft will increase that decides the cost of the procedure. If a patient is affected by the grade-V baldness with an empty mid-crown area and top area, then they will require around 4200-4400 grafts for a densely-packed result and the cost will be put with the multiplication of a single graft price with the whole number of grafts that may hike up to some lakhs.
  • The Expertise of the Performing Surgeon: It is your Surgeon who assures you about the success of the procedure and an expert Surgeon is always a token of getting success in the restoration surgery. The expertise in the field rated on their positive contribution towards meeting the aesthetic goal of the hair restoration surgery. And, No doubt an expertise Surgeon or Doctor charges a high fee rather than a fresher Surgeon or Doctor.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplantation is a fully decisive task and even a single change in the physical, external or internal factor associated with surgery alter the rate as well as the outcomes and therefore a careful pre-procedure consultation is a very first prerequisite for the surgery.