A daily routine of dental hygiene isn’t enough if you don’t care about what you are eating. Just food and drinks have a huge impact on our teeth and we see more problems occur at a young age. Technology is advancing, so we have the right tools to fix every issue, but some of them can be painful and it takes time to heal.

Not every dentist knows to fix every issue, so when you have a problem you should look for someone with experience. Even if you think everything is okay, you should visit local dentists for a dental examination every six months so you can prevent anything bad that can happen. It is always better to go locally because you can find the most information about a certain doctor.

How to Find a Good Dentist

Nowadays it is much easier to find a dentist but it is hard to find the best because the number is growing constantly. There are a few ways you can find one and the best advice is to stick to just one doctor because they will know what has been done and what has to be done.

One of the ways to do so is by online websites like Yelp that will show you the details about the clinic and reviews. It is important to find a trusted site because there are many people who try to make fake reviews in order to attract customers. You will also find a rating for each clinic. Maybe a better way than looking online is by word of mouth if you hear from a friend that there is a good dentist. If your friend is going to a doctor and he trusts them, there is a big chance you will also. Read more on this page.

Implants as Dental Replacement

Many people don’t think that implants are a great replacement for teeth. It is true that the implant connects in a different way to the bone than tooth but the function is the same. In a unique way, they act as a substitute tooth root. When teeth are lost the implants will prevent inevitable bone loss and stabilize the bone.

The most used material that implant surface is made of is titanium and it is osteophilic which means it will biochemically connect with the bone. That was actually a revolutionary discovery in dentistry. It connects with the bone so well that it won’t make any movement. When you bite something, the pressure will transfer to the bone. It stimulates the bone which means it will be stable as same if natural root was there.

Get more information here: https://www.toothwisdom.org/a-z/article/dental-implants-are-not-created-equal/

Implant Success

If the team is great and experienced when the implant is placed surgically you will have all the functions like everything is natural and also the aesthetics will be the same. They can also make a disaster if not done correctly, so it is very important who does it and what instruments they will use.

They should always know if there is enough bone so they can use the implant as a replacement. Positioning and implant placement depends on adequate bone density and volume. The procedure is a routine for experienced dentists. There are studies that show the success rate of over 95%. When everything is done correctly they can last a lifetime.

Consequences of Tooth Loss

A special bone that actually supports and surrounds the teeth is called alveolar bone. When your teeth are growing the bone also develops which is lost when you remove a tooth. Dr. Harry Sicher said that this special bone is like every other just has a more dangerous life. When a tooth is removed or lost the bone will melt away because it is so fragile.

The bone resorbs more quickly where the bone is thinnest. This is especially true for the top front teeth where gum, bone and also the lips can seem to collapse or cave in. You can find literature that shows that 80% of the people have a smile line which won’t cover these types of defects. Because it is easily noticeable, it affects their self-confidence. When you learn more about these situations you will know how important dental hygiene is.