The beauty of Bali is not always about fantastic sea views and beaches that are amazing, but additionally, the artistic looking paddy fields. Boboers might have understood and Impressed with all the beauty of Ubud cascading paddy field yet this moment Bocan will take you to enjoy yet another fantastic and trendy weathered Cemagi Village that is located not far from Canggu. While in Cemagi, Bocan remained at William’s Place, a nicely furnished apartment situated in the Middle of a Beautiful and tranquil paddy field. Separated into two buildings with two stories each, this apartment concept resort provides a calming and peaceful refuge with Complex conveniences, including half accessible rooftop where you might also appreciate a gorgeous sea view nearby.

Each flat has different wall colors, blue, green, brown and gray that embody the diversity of this Balinese nature Bocan remained in the brownish colored apartment that’s on Here, Boboers will feel the soothing, gentle breeze and hear a symphony of bird songs. What perfect location to enjoy your relaxation meal or merely sipping coffee or tea. Depart from your gadget apart and allow your body and soul love nature’s beauty. This may also create your own eyes fitter to examine the Gorgeous surrounding panorama, just like what Bocan felt.

Now Bocan is taking you inside the brownish apartment that’s as enchanting as the beautiful kitchen. Entering the flat, Bocan was greeted with a complete view of a Gorgeous green area falling outside due to a glass wall, which also gives a modern and luxurious sense of the space. Everywhere both from the living area and in the bed space, providing you a sharp picture of this Balinese village matches modernity. Adjacent to the vast bed space, again with a glass wall precisely like what had mentioned in the dwelling space, is the semi-outdoor bathroom.

The bathroom was coated with dark-colored Ceramic tiles to provide it a lavish and elegance texture. There was a humorous Experience when Bocan took a shower. Considering that the toilet in a semi-open Notion, the wind blows into the water that spread from the shower. Therefore, Bocan need to follow with the water leadership! The past, but not least, the advantage of William’s Position is your rooftop. As Bocan mentioned at the beginning of the guide, Boboers will see not only the surrounding green paddy area but additionally the grim sea view as well as the faraway picture of the amazing Mountain Agung. Can also recommend you to experience the sunset and the beautiful starry skies in the night time.

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