Active sports tend to demand a lot from our feet, which is why you should take proper care. There are many great sports podiatrists that can help you ease pain; for example, if you are anywhere near Sydney, try looking for sports podiatrist Sydney.

While regularly playing sport is a great and enjoyable thing, which is good for our health and mind, and it is recommended by medical professionals, there is still a possibility that it can cause you harm. Sometimes, your daily exercises can have a noticeable unhealthy effect on your feet.

When we run, our body’s weight is three times greater than usual, which means that your feet will be stressed while carrying that much weight. However, this does not mean that running is an unhealthy thing, this just means that you should keep in touch with your podiatrist.


Everything can be solved on time

The most important thing is that you go to the doctor on time. Your sports podiatrist will surely be able to fully heal your injury if you schedule an appointment as soon as you feel that there is something wrong. Prolonging the inevitable checkout tends to end quite badly, even though this is a common mistake people make.

How to look after your feet

As in all of the aspects of health care, prevention is the key. It is easier to prevent something from happening than to try and correct it. There are few simple rules that will surely help your feet feel lighter and painless.

Try and condition yourself gradually, as you have stretched for fifteen to twenty minutes prior to every sports activity, especially running. While this is logical, you should keep in mind that another key to having healthy feet is hygiene, meaning that you should wash your feet twice a day, and thoroughly dry them, especially between your toes.

Socks are also a common cause of feet pain, which is why you should always wear high-quality socks that fit your feet perfectly. Similarly, to that, you should also have the appropriate shoes that are both comfortable and meant for the sports activity that you will be doing.

One of the main causes of feet pain tends to be obesity. If you are overweight, that means that your feet have to carry that weight every time you walk or run. Just by staying in shape, you can lower the risk of painful feet.

Injuries are often

While a minor injury can be treated at home with a lot of rest and home remedies, if you have a serious injury, you should see your podiatrist. When you are on your checkup, be sure to mention all of the symptoms that are connected to your foot, because this way you will help your doctor help you.


Equipment is required

A good, well-fitting pair of shoes is always a good idea. You should know that there is no such thing as ‘One for all’ when talking about shoes because there are many different shoes that are meant to be used on different surfaces.

Final word

Every athlete needs to have his personal podiatrist, and if you are currently searching for one, you can give Stewart Hayes podiatrist a go. As long as you take care of your feet and treat them on time, you will never have serious untreatable injuries to worry about.