Human beings are typically empathetic individuals who are willing to help. Sometimes, however, it is easy to get side-tracked by the various diversions that life offers. This can cause many people to deviate from helping out a worthy cause. These are why there are various tactics in place – to get people to pay attention to important matters.

The key to getting people to concentrate on vital social issues is to make the endeavour fun and entertaining. Take the ALS ice bucket challenge for instance. A few years ago not many people were aware of ALS and the destruction that it wrought. The ice bucket challenge gave people a simple and amusing way to spread awareness about the disease. Here are some similar ideas to help you spread the word about other essential topics:

Cycling Campaigns

Numerous people take part in walks each year to call attention to a variety of plights or diseases. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not take part in such campaigns because of the lack of enthusiasm towards walking. It is not fun to walk for miles with the sun beating down on you. A great alternative to this isto join best cycling events Victoria or other parts of Australia. As an added bonus, choose a scenic route that people can ride their bikes through. This way, it will be more motivation for people to sign up. You can even turn it into a family event with toddlers joining with their little tricycles. It can be fun for the whole family.

Tag It Forward

In the spirit of doing something fun and proactive, you can simply use stickers to ‘tag’ people and spread your message. This is where members of a charity organization walk up to a person and place a sticker on their t-shirt. This sticker will have the name of the charity and maybe even have a few details. If that person has time to talk, explain a bit about the work that you do and then hand them the stickers, urging them to spread the message. Even if people do not want to spend time talking to you, they may still take the stickers and pass them on. Your efforts will not be in vain.

Random Re-enactments

Write a sketch and rehearse it with group members. Make sure that the play is short, sweet, and to the point. There should be no misinterpreting the message by the audience. Then once you are ready, it is time to take the show on the road. This is best done in public areas, preferably where there are large groups of people. You can then have sudden and dramatic enactments of your play right in the middle of a mall or some other public forum. People will stop what they are doing and gravitate towards you out of curiosity. Once your play is over, you can give the audience some important pieces of information regarding your charity.

Partners in Crime

Another gimmick is to handcuff couples of willing participants together. Assign them a particular amount of money that they have to raise. This can be considered their ‘bail’. Then send them out to go and raise the necessary funds. This tactic has the advantage of allowing individuals to raise money and spread their message. It is also quite unusual and people will be entertained by the unique idea. It will certainly be something that they remember.

Take these ideas and make them your own. With some creativity, determination, and true commitment to the cause, there is nothing that you will be unable to accomplish.