Maple Syrup as we all know is the alternative for sugar. It is much more nutritional than sugar. The real Maple syrup is produced largely in North America and some European countries. It is difficult to get real Maple syrup residing in other countries. Therefore, we introduce Maple Syrup Direct which provides you the real Maple Syrup easily. You can just visit the website and buy it online. You need not to go anywhere out. Also, you get the other original Maple products like Maple candy and butter from Maple Syrup Direct.

Ingredients and nutrients

Maple Syrup is rich in nutrients. It contains glucose, fructose, calories and carbohydrates. It is rich in vital nutrients like zinc, manganese, amino acids and some volatile organic compounds. One teaspoon of maple syrup contains 0.7 mgs of Manganese, 13.4 mgs of calcium, 40.8 mgs of potassium, 0.8 mgs of zinc, 2.8 mgs of magnesium and 0.2 mgs of Iron. Maple Syrup Direct produces the real maple syrup from the red and black maple extracted from the tree sap. It is 100% natural and nutritious.


Benefits of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup contains 24 antioxidants which are helpful in preventing diseases and makes the body fit. The polyphenol antioxidant found in Maple Syrups prevent chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis and heart diseases. Maple Syrup keeps your skin beautiful and soft and free of infections and irritation. It supplies essential nutrients and vitamins to the body. It is the best alternative to sugar as it is good for digestion.

Buying Tips

You can buy the real maple syrup from Maple Syrup Direct at reasonable cost.  You can first check the ingredients carefully before buying the Maple Syrup and then the grades. Grades are given according to the originality and taste. A and B grade maple syrup are the most nutritious and original.