Undeniably, though there have been lots of fat fads which have come and gone by. But there are a few principles too which are important when it comes to following your goals. It is time for you to let go of the gimmicks and follow these basic fat loss successful tips to actually notice positive results.

Lose weight without damaging your health

Yes indeed, fat loss can at times be quite tricky for women. There are so many women who only heed attention towards dieting and exercising however, they fail to understand the bigger picture. Hence when they do not notice much of the needed result they get dejected. The point is to follow strategies which are scientifically proven. Also, you can include supplements, like weight loss barswhich will help you in your weight loss effort and at the same time will provide your body with the adequate amount of protein needed by it. And this is how it will help you to improve your physique much of the way you wish it could be.3

The 3 golden rules to follow

You should be following the three basic yet most important rules:

  • Shed fat gradually
  • When you are into dieting, do not ever skip protein intake
  • When dieting, one should do resistance training

Gradually Shed the Fat

This may be a little to comprehend as everyone wants to notice results quick. If you end up shedding calories quick, you sure will lose weight, but it will end up costing you big. One can shed weight quickly by restricting on their calories, but this way you will also lose your muscles on which you have worked so hard. Your metabolism can reduce drastically due to calorie restriction and reversing it could be quite tough. This is what one should try avoiding at all costs—metabolic damage and losing muscle mass. You should aim to reduce 1% of your body weight every week as this is the ideal way.

When You Are Dieting, Never Decrease Intake of Protein

When you are trying to shed fat you need to reduce calories. However, the necessary point here is to not reduce protein. In fact, if possible try to increase the intake of protein, and you may end up gaining muscles in this process. You can take protein in the form of supplements too.

When you start to intake more protein, it will help to maintain and take care of your lean body mass.You need to remember that you should intake about 1 gm of high quality protein per pound of the weight of your body. A woman who weighs 125 pound should intake 125 gms of protein.

Resistance Training

This may be quite an easy rule, but it will only happen if resistance training has become a part of your lifestyle. When you wish to induce fat loss and go through a diet which is energy restricted, the body will start responding and will remain in a stable way by gradually decreasing the body mass. This will in turn start reducing metabolism of your body,as well as overall strength of your system will get affected.

Thus, when you incorporate a suitable resistance training program, the negative outcomes will get reduced, in fact, well taken care. This is why it is vital for you to follow a resistance training program that is apt for you. The rule here is to follow a personalised resistance training and fitness program which does lay attention towards strength and hypertrophy.