Grooming is not just for women as some people believe. Grooming as per the dictionary means ‘the things that one does to make their appearance neat and clean, such as brushing of hair, shaving of beard, etc’. Thus grooming is essential to make one look well-put together or simply to look their best. There was a time when grooming for men was just thought of having a shower and shaving but the man of today wants to look his best and pays attention to the little details to look dashing and dapper. This does not imply that men must spend hours in front of the mirror or spend a small fortune to look their best,all that is needed is to follow a basic routine to look great.


Basic grooming products

Grooming is not complete by bathing and sporting a clean shaved look. One of the foremost grooming tips is to invest in grooming supplies. These supplies include a shaving kit with all the necessary essentials, such as classic double edge razor with a safety grip that allows a close shave, shaving brush that helps create perfect lather, shaving cream made from natural ingredients having medicinal properties, light moisturiser that is easily absorbed to apply post a shave and high-quality razor blades.

Since sporting a beard is the latest trend, a grooming kit must also have beard care essentials. These include a moisturiser for the beard to be used after a shower, beard oil made from essential natural oils to promote growth of the beard sans any itchiness that also heals and repairs daily damage caused to the beard. A beard grooming kit from reputed mens grooming supplies Australia sellers also includes a comb for the beard that is handcrafted with round edged teeth as well as a fragrant beard balm that helps style the mane of the beard. A last personal care item includes wax which acts as a styling gel for the beard as well as moustache and can be applied repeatedly through the day to maintain the facial fuzz. Apart from the shaving and beard care essentials, soap with essential oils and fragrant citrus elements, is ideal to keep the face free of oil and dust.

Basic grooming tips

Grooming routine for a man consists of basic rituals that primarily ensure hygiene and care of oneself:

  • The first tip is to get a haircut monthly in order so that haircut and hairstyle remains in shape. Regular haircuts will also help with understanding the texture of the hair and help with using the right products for the hair including styling gels and shampoos.
  • The next vital grooming tip is to exfoliate the facial skin once a week to clear acne, open clogged pores and help with the skin renewal process thus ensuring younger looking skin.
  • Equally important is to use sunscreen and moisturiser on a daily basis to prevent premature aging of the skin by providing hydration nourishment.
  • Regularly brushing of teeth along with routine dental checkups, flossing and using mouthwash constitute a top priority grooming ritual ensuring a killer smile.
  • The hands and feet must not be ignored and require trimming of nails, removing dead skin and moisturising to avoid smelly feet or hands.
  • Look after your body & health

Grooming lies in paying attention to the small details which go a long way in making a man look dashing and handsome.