Brachymetatarsia or small toe is a growth disorder that might or might not be caused due to heredity. This problem generally becomes noticeable during the growing stage and becomes permanent by the time the growth is complete. The condition is caused due to improper growth of the metatarsal bone to which the toe joins. This condition might or might not be painful. In both the cases, proper medical management as soon as the condition becomes evident is important. Quick and proper treatment can ensure quick recovery, and less suffering. So, if you are suffering from the condition opting for medical consultation is surely the best option. In many cases, the condition is not painful or very problematic at the beginning, but it becomes an issue with time, hence if you have this problem, neglecting it is never a wise decision.

Get medical help

If you are worried about going through a surgical procedure and that is the reason holding you back from opting for medical consultation, be informed that there are also non-surgical procedures for treating brachymetatarsia and it is only your doctor who can decide the right treatment in your case. So, as soon as you notice the condition, visit a Brachymetatarsia doctor. You can find the details about these specialized doctors from the web and always ensure to visit only an experienced and reputed doctor of the field.


You might not even need a surgery

The first step of medical management of brachymetatarsia is consultation. After you have visited the specialist, he will perform certain non-invasive tests on the foot to point out the exact area and reason of problem and how it can be treated with maximum efficiency. Depending on the extent of the problem and also the issues you are facing, your doctor will suggest you a treatment plan. If your problem is mild, and the matter of appearance is not a concern for you, your doctor might suggest you only some specialized types of shoe pads or other products that can make it more comfortable for you to walk or can reduce the pain.

Recovery is quick even in case of a surgery

In case, your problem is more serious and surgery is the only way to treat it, your doctor will discuss with you about the procedure that you need and the risks involved with the process. Normally brachymetatarsia surgery is performed under local or spinal anesthesia as an outpatient process and the recovery is complete within 4-6 weeks. The risks related with this surgery are minimal and your doctor will also discuss them with you before you take the final decision.

About the author: The writer of this post is a cosmetic foot surgeon running his own establishment in Los Angeles. He specializes in brachymetatarsia treatment and has helped many patients suffering with the condition.