Your ego is not able to simply accept God’s knowledge since it is selfish and absurd. To be able to obey God’s knowledge you have to help your ego right into a humble individual.

Your ego is definitely an idol. You aren’t more essential than God and also the people.

You’ll help your ego and be a smart and sensitive individual by precisely following the divine guidance inside your dreams. This method of transformation is uncomfortable or painful, but you need to be strong.

Your ego is very harmful. It’ll ruin your existence. Your ego is definitely altered from your satanic anti-conscience since it is idiotic and proud.

Your ego must assist you to take control of your behavior since it is the middle of your human conscience, however your ego should be changed right into a humble individual. It mustn’t be considered a proud leader.

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You need to become God’s servant

You’re too imperfect to be able to decide alone what you need to do. Your civilization is really as barbarous so that as ignorant as numerous other cultures from the history.

Only since you reside in a city and you are aware how to apply your computer and lots of other activities, this does not mean that you’re an developed creature. You aren’t more intelligent than individuals who fit in with rudimentary cultures. You aren’t more intelligent than your forefathers.

You’re basically an underdeveloped primate. The greatest a part of your mind goes for your satanic anti-conscience.

You need to be a perfect individual which help God transform the world right into a place where we’ll have the ability to develop our conscience. You have to help God put an finish to terror and violence.

God teaches you inside your dreams the depth of the evilness and absurdity. You’ll be surprised using the content existent in to the greatest a part of your mind and psyche.

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The data you’ve inside your dreams when they’re precisely converted because of Carl Jung’s breakthroughs and my breakthroughs can help you understand:

* How you can help your personality,

* Get rid of your harmful anti-conscience,

* Get rid of your harmful ego,

* And be a saint.

Your goodness as well as your knowledge can help you find authentic happiness and save the planet from misery and terror. You’ll be a sensitive genius.

Everything is dependent in your behavior training towards the smart things you have inside your dreams.

However, your behavior training is tough because God demands of your stuff the behaviour of the saint whilst you’ll still really are a demon, prior to being changed.