Ian Mautner was suspected to be on an addictive drug kratom, told by is mother who is a surgical nurse. The drug addiction caused him to commit suicide. His medical report assured his addiction on the substance due to which 17 year old kid jumped off an overpass. According to the report Mautner was not only on the kratom but also on anti-depressants.

Ian Mautner visited the Kava bars

Ian’s mom was very proud of her son who was a good natured boy and he was also very proud to be around his mother. Linda Mautner held the kratom responsible for her son’s death which is a drug he used to take by visiting kava bars with his friends. Although his friends stopped visiting there but Ian was addictive to that drug and used to go there and spent a lot of money on that.

kratom 1

Ian was able to make his mind clear

It is the leafy substance that is very easily available at the gas stations and the head shops and from the online vendors as well. Mautner told that her son used to tell him that he felt very relaxed and healthy and he was able to use his mind better as it was very clear.

But despite of what her son used to say, she told that he was not the same person after using it. Ian was in need of anti-depressants and he was in rehab as well for the last two years.

Is it as dangerous as heroine?

According to the doctors, the drug is not high as the heroine is but when you want to discontinue the drug, it will become addictive and make you physically dependent upon itself as the heroine does. So the substance is dangerous and it must be avoided.

Mautner asks for the ban on kratom

Mautner said that it took the life of her son and can take more lives in the future that is why parents need to be aware what their children are using and if they are involved in the addiction of the same drug, they must keep an eye over them and prevent them to use that. She demands the Palm Beach County to ban the substance and stop it from taking precious lives of our kids.

If the product is really that dangerous, it should be restricted to be sold and used. We cannot let it be entered the lives of youngsters and spoil them. The herb from Southeast Asia is very commonly available and there is no restriction over its use which can cause problems for more of the population.

Results of the research will be presented

County Journal told that the research is being done that could help them to know about the substance more and as soon as they are able to get maximum information, the results will be present to the public. He also said that the substance is banned in few countries which would mean that it is dangerous therefore, measures are needed to be taken so that our upcoming generation can be saved from it.