Maple Syrup is considered to be greatest thing to produce energy and nutrition. The maple syrup will be obtained through either process. It can be obtained through either dropping hot cooking stones into buckets or leaving them exposed to the cold temperature overnight. Around 1850, cane sugar was replaced with maple sugar. An evaporator with two pans is used to extract sap. Around 1900, producers bent the tin and formed as a pan which increased the heated surface of pan and again decreased boilng time. Some producers also added finishing pan known as separate batch evaporator at the end of evaporation process. Syrup producers also began to use tractors to haul vats of sap from trees being sapped. Heating methods were also diversified. Modern producers use wood, oil, propane, steam to evaporate sap. Modern filtration methods were designed to prevent syrup from contamination.

Best Natural Sweetener:

Today, maple syrup stands as one of the natural sweeteners. It is claimed to be more nutritious and also healthier than sugar. It is produced in most percentage from Canada through maple trees. There are two grades of maple syrup and the grades were given based on color of maple syrup. Various Countries will classify maple syrups as either grade A or grade B. Grade A will be categorized into 3 groups. They are light amber, medium amber and dark amber. The main difference between various graded maple syrups are, darker syrups will have stronger maple flavor and lighter one will be used as syrup. It is mainly used for pancakes. If you are going to buy wholesale maple syrup, you will get chance to buy at low price. You should concentrate on whether you are buying maple syrup in original form or buying just maple flavored syrup. Production methods have been streamlined since colonial days. They remain unchanged. Sap will be collected and boiled to obtain pure maple syrup.