There has been a lot of chat recently regarding the supposed benefits for patients using medicinal marijuana. Many believe that medicinal cannabis can be used in managing chronic pain. Recent evidence suggests that using the drug long term to deal with pain is safe, despite concerns being raised in the past.

In the study, it was found that those who used cannabis long term did not experience any major side effects, compared to those patients that didn’t use medicinal marijuana. But the study did find that there were less serious side effects such as headaches and dizziness associated with marijuana usage.2

The study mainly focused on the safety of using marijuana, but the research team found that the subjects were able to seek pain relief when using the drug. There was also the associated improvement in mood.

The researchers focused on around 200 adults with chronic pain who used medicinal cannabis for a period of one year.There was also a control group of 200 adults with chronic pain who did not use medicinal marijuana, in order to proof that any changes in pain were attributed to the medicinal marijuana and not to any other factor.

As mentioned above, it was found that there was no significant difference in serious side effects between the marijuana using group and the control.Although, the marijuana group did experience minor side effects – a 73% increased risk to be exact. A member of the research team suggested that these minor side effects can be managed and reduced by altering the way by which the marijuana is used. Those who vaped the medicinal marijuana didn’t experience any of the minor side effects.

The research team hoped that their study would form as a basis for future research to further advance the use of medicinal marijuana in treating and managing chronic pain.

The head researcher said that their study showed conclusive proof that cannabis should be legal if alcohol is legal and should be decriminalised to allow full access to people right across America. He said “Our research findings highlight and draw attention the fact that there should be no argument against complete decriminalisation of marijuana. This treatment method is safe, and those who experience chronic pain on a daily basis would find relief from their symptoms by using medicinal marijuana.”

The deputy in the research mentioned that medicinal marijuana should be given as an option to prescribing doctors if their primary method of treatment doesn’t work. He said:

“It is clear that opioids are not able to be used as a viable long-term solution for chronic pain. Our study provides an excellent long term alternative for these opioids and I hope the findings can be used to fully roll out medicinal marijuana across the US.” Although he did mention that larger studies of 1000+ test subjects should be done to full confirm their findings.