Winstrol is considered as one of the most effective anabolic steroid, which is highly consumed by the body builders and the athletes throughout the world. However, much like any other anabolic steroid, it can too cause certain side effects which are highly undesirable. Though such side effects can be controlled through limited consumption and precautions, to be aware about the potential side effects are always important. Most of the experts have suggested that only experienced women should consume winstrol because of their side effects.

The safest way to consume such anabolic steroids is to consume them in cycles. By cycles, we mean that consuming a particular dosage of the steroid for a certain time period. One can even stack winstrol along with other steroids to enhance the results. Such cycles should end with a post cycle therapy in which the consumer may consume lighter steroids t cop up with the damage.

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There are certain cycles of winstrol which are recommended by experts. However they advise all the consumers to consult their doctor before starting the cycle so that the doctor can guide them properly. Here we talk about the side effects as well as the best cycles for winstrol.

Learn about the side effects of winstrol – Consuming it safely

It is extremely essential that the consumers must consider long-term effects of steroid usage so that they are aware of the possible side effects beforehand, so that they can control it. Here are some of the possible effects of winstrol –

  • One may experience, painful erection if they are consuming high dosages of winstrol as well as acne problem.
  • In women, breasts will become tender if they are not consuming the steroid safely.
  • Women may experience masculine effects in them which can completely change their appearance.
  • The most severe side effect of consuming winstrol is the liver damage.

Winstrol can be consumed in cycles that last about 6-8 weeks.

Learn about the best cycle for the consumption of winstrol

There are various cycles for winstrol available. If the consumer is planning to take the winstrol depot or the injection cycle, then they can take the dosage ranging from 25-50 mg regularly. Some of the other cycles involving winstrol pills can also be consumed by the consumers. They can stack them with dianabol, testosterone enhancer, HGH, anavar, anadrol etc.

Most of the winstrol cycles will only last for 8 weeks maximum because going beyond that might damage the liver and can even cause liver failure.