You may have always wanted to have children, or maybe the pregnancy has come as a surprise and you’re not sure what to think yet. Whatever your emotions and feelings are, there is lots of preparation for the new baby and you have things to start planning! Here are some of the main things you should do and plan before your baby arrives.


  1. Find out about pregnancy and childbirth

This might seem trivial, but no matter how many pregnant women you’ve spoken to before, you won’t know everything about pregnancy until you’ve gone through it yourself. You won’t even be able to imagine how it feels until you’re actually pregnant with your own child. The physical aspects as well as the emotional aspects of pregnancy can create many problems for you and those around you, so read up on it as soon as you find out you’re having a baby.

  1. Talk to your partner

Your partner should be there to support and help you all throughout the pregnancy. Whether this is attending antenatal classes with you, booking you for pregnancy massage appointments every week or just being there to chat and make your dinner when you need it, there are many things that your partner can do to help. Your partner should also help financially when it comes to buying items for the baby, such as a cot, clothing, toys and other necessities.

  1. Have a baby shower

If you feel too tired or exhausted to plan this yourself, there’s no harm in asking somebody ask to plan it for you. Your mother or your best friend is great contacts to ask, and they will make sure they throw you the best baby shower possible. You’ll receive beautiful gifts from the attendees, and you can spend some time with the people who matter most to you before the baby arrives.

  1. Be prepared to give up lots of time

You will need to take time off work a few weeks before the baby arrives and then for a few months after the baby has been born. For some people, this might not be the ideal situation, especially if you love working and socialising outside of the house with friends and colleagues. With a baby, you’ll have one extra thing to think about – and a very important thing it is too!

  1. Ask people to help you after the birth

You might need help with things during pregnancy, labour and after the baby has been born. If you have pets, you might need to arrange suitable care for them for a few days, or maybe you want somebody to look after the baby for a few hours while you get some much-needed rest. You can ask neighbours, friends and other people you are close to, or ask your family members for help whenever you need it too. There’s nothing wrong with asking people to help you when you need it, and the people close to you will love the idea of spending time with you and the new baby!