Throwing away anxiety disorders is not the same as throwing out the trash. If you take your trash out to the barrier, it won’t come back. But when you are trying to get rid of your anxiety disorders, you often find out that it comes back repeatedly. Each time you try to hit a blot, more blots pop up. Every steps you take to fight against the chronic disorder, invites more of it.

Curtis Cripe, the renowned neuron surgeon suggests that you have to work smart, not hard, to cope up with anxiety disorders.

The traumas, phobias and fears you go through as a victim of chronic anxiety disorders often seem ‘insane’, and hard to overcome. Have you ever thought why phobias seem such difficult to get rid of? That is because chronic anxiety actually make you think and act in ways that make the problem more critical. As a result, you get fooled while trying hard to solve your phobias and fears with methods which can only lead you to worse situations.2

This happens to you often, and you mistakenly blame yourself for it. An anxiety trick means you are panicking about such a danger which is never going to take place. If you were actually in danger, you would have just generated ways yourself as much as possible.

Dr. Curtis Cripe reveals that victims of chronic anxiety disorders, struggle to protect themselves from phobias. This leads them down on a way full of trauma.

How to overcome anxiety disorders?

Curtis Cripe suggests some simple tricks to overcome anxiety on your own. These tricks are as follows:

  • Take a time out for yourself: It’s quite natural that you are loaded with works. But still, you need to take some break at least for a couple of hours. Spend this ‘me-time’   while practicing some healthy habits of your. You can listen to refreshing tracks, mediate or practice yoga. Spend the alone time as per your preferences. But you have to stop thinking about your work pressures or any other burdens during this break time. If you continue to surround by the phobias, there’s no use of taking this time-out.
  • Eat well balanced meals: eating balanced and healthy food does not mean that you are a workout and diet freak. Eating healthy and balanced meal keeps you from being a victim of chronic anxieties. Opt for energy boosting snacks when feeling hungry at the middle of work.   
  • Control the consumption of caffeine and alcohol: These substances are more likely to trigger panic attacks and anxiety.  
  • Get enough sleep: Your body needs adequate rest and sleep, especially when you are under stress.
  • Exercise daily: exercising on a regular basis has many benefits rather than keeping you in shape. Try to work out everyday at least for half an hour.
  • Try to give your best: do you always try to be a perfectionist? Well, that is not possible anyway. Nobody is extremely perfect. Everyone is gifted with some sort of flaws by default. So, forget about being perfect, try to concentrate fully on your task. Be proud of whatever you have achieved and you are about to achieve by applying focus and dedication.

These are some of the simple hacks which can keep you from the frequent attacks of phobias and anxiety.