The smart drug or nootropic supplement Aniracetam was first invented in the year 1970 by Hoffman-La Roche a Belgium company. This fat-soluble supplement belongs to the family of
Racetams. It has gained popularity due to its ability to encourage cognitive activities and boost the cholinergic neurotransmission.The anxiolytic effect of the drug helps you to focus better and lift your mood. Since the supplement is fat-soluble, it should be taken with food. The half-life of the drug is much shorter than the other Racetams. Before you start using the product you should have a clear idea of its effects, dosage and where to buy the  drug from.

Aniracetam effects

One of the notable benefits of Aniracetam is improved memory both short and long-term. This improved memory can range from insignificant to something remarkable. Studies say, in some cases the participants could remember detailed facts and figures along with other vital information. While others say, it helped them to recollect clearly any specific conversation or what they had dreamt of. Their recalling speed also turned out to be much faster and they could score well in brain teaser practices. It has the capability to improve the plasticity of the junction between two nerve cells, i.e. synapses by helping the brain build new synapses and connection amongst the neurons. This increased plasticity makes the process of learning fresh things and adapting to changes faster and easier. With the growing number of online stores like Powder City, GNC, Amazon or Absorb Health acquiring this nootropic supplement has become a lot easier.

Ideal dosage

Being a beginner, it is a little tough to understand what the right dosage of Aniracetam could be. So, you can follow the initial range of 750 to 4500mg in a day which you need to further break down into one to four equal doses. You can start off with a 750mg dose capsule twice a day which will help your body to get accustomed to the substance and gradually show its effect. Another advantage of starting with a small dose is, you can monitor any kind of unwanted side effects and stop it immediately. To avoid any negative impact, it is better to avoid taking in high doses. But one good thing about Aniracetam is, its negative impacts do not cause any long-term threat to your health.

Where to buy

The supplement Aniracetam is in high demand nowadays. The reason behind is primarily its ability to reduce anxiety and optimize cognitive performance for yielding better mental energy. inspite of its huge demand, its distribution has been checked in the local supplement stores and traditional retail chains. Hence, you can well make out that it can be a real challenge to find a good quality Aniracetam in the market. This is the prime reason that a number of online vendors like Powder City, GNC, Amazon or Absorb Health have enchased this opportunity and made the product easily available for you. The stores have a good reputation for selling high-quality products. Moreover, the concept of purchasing online is also highly convenient for the users.