Anabolic steroids are a group of powerful compounds which is closely related to testosterone, the male sex hormone. Current legitimate medical uses include the treatment of certain types of anemia. Marathon runners, body builder, cyclist and many other athletes claim that steroids give them competitive advantages and they also state that it helps them to improve their physical appearance which tends to use them illegally. Steroids are available in the form of tablets and liquids. Nowadays there are many number of steroids used for body building. There are many types of drugs including Clomid and Nolvadex which are the two leading ones and there are many discussions about these drugs.


These both drugs mostly share the same properties. Anabolic steroids can be injected or can be taken orally. Abusers take them weekly or even monthly, rather than continuously, in patterns called cycling and it means taking multiple doses of steroids for a period of time and by stopping for a moment and also start again. In addition to this many of the users often combine it with various types of steroids to maximize their effectiveness and minimize adverse effects, a process known as superposition. Steroids are manufactured variants of the male hormone androgen especially known as testosterone. Steroids are developed to simulate the effects of the testosterone bodybuilding. Most of the athletes tend to use at least ten times as much testosterone. Hence, most of the athletes tend to use the steroids to increase bodybuilding activity levels of hormone ideal.

Muscle post-cycle:

Steroids are developed as therapeutic drugs to treat several medical issues. This is why the compounds are classified as prohibited in many countries. This means that one must have a valid prescription to legally obtain one. The drugs including Clomid and Nolvadex are useful for keeping muscle post cycle as part of a good post-cycle-therapy regimen. Both are widely popular in the bodybuilding world. Both are viable options for bodybuilders and powerlifters coming off a cycle attempting to offset the crash that accompanies ending a cycle. Nolvadex works to improve HDL levels in the body, which mainly refers to the good cholesterol but the Clomid has no effects and some studies have conveyed that Clomid contributes to the pituitary gland becoming slightly desensitized to certain hormones as a result of use.

Nolvadex actually raises hormone sensitivity in the pituitary gland in a minimal manner. The abuse of these drugs can produce adverse effects on consumers, such as physiological and behavioral. The effects of this steroids abusers bodybuilding are very dependent on a number of factors such as age, type of steroid used and duration of use. In most of the cases, steroids have no lasting effect on the body. It is also true that these drugs causes adverse reaction on some people, even after a cycle of once and even after the use has been discontinued long ago. Therefore, it is very important that users should aware about the risk they are taking before using steroids bodybuilding.