Our liver is one of the most important parts of our body that we need to take care of. Once the liver cannot function well because of some toxins and other products contained in it, there is a huge tendency that we will suffer certain diseases and it will be too late to save our lives anymore.

That is why lll.care recommends liver cleansing. It ensures that we maintain the purity and health of that particular organ in our body. Liver cleanse is essential not only because it keeps us healthy, but also because a healthy liver can mean better life ahead. Read out 6 Fantastic Health Benefits of Horse Gram here.

Now, you might ask how to detox your liver? Well, there are a lot of things that you can do to clean it and one most vital thing is through proper diet. There are a lot of foods which can help you on how to cleanse your liver. Simply read on and you will be able to know what these foods are:liver

  1. Brussels sprouts – since Brussels sprouts are high in sulfur, they help remove the toxins away from your blood. Adding one or two serving of this in your daily diet will ensure that your blood will be cleanse. Also, this boosts the antioxidant, glucosinolate, which encourages your liver to produce an enzyme that blocks further damage.
  2. Dandelion – the leaves of the dandelion flower is beneficial for your liver. If you cannot find leaves of the said flower, then there is dandelion root tea available. It has been found that this particular tea can get rid of the liver toxins. Since it can have a bitter taste, it is best to make a few cups of it and add lemon juice to make it more tasteful.
  3. Asparagus – this particular vegetable is not only a good diuretic, but is also a good way to clean your liver. Just add the vegetable in your diet; however, you need to ensure that you eat it raw since cooking will deem it useless for liver cleansing.
  4. Spinach – spinach contains 166 mg of glutathione when you eat it raw. Aside from helping in the detoxification of your liver, eating spinach can also help you fight cancer. If you do not want to eat plain spinach raw because of its taste, you can make a salad by adding olive oil and sea salt to add taste.
  5. Grapefruit – grapefruit contains around 70mg glutathione. It also has some amount of pectin that lowers your bad cholesterol level. You can eat grapefruit for breakfast and add cottage cheese or even plain yoghurt with cinnamon.liver

How to detox your liver with these remedies solely lies on one component that these 5 cleansing treatments all share. All five of them contain glutathione. This special protein removes toxins out of the body very effectively. However, as you may have noticed that we advised you to eat all of the given cleansing diet raw since cooking them will remove all traces of glutathione and they become useless in cleaning your liver.