ValueMags and al other American companies very well know and understand that the meeting between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau could easily head in a problematic direction. For the most part, Canada and the United States have had a similar trading history but there was politics discussing a traumatic change when Trump threatened to pull of of the NAFTA agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement) which includes Mexico.

In addition to their discussion about the free trade where they agreed to minor changes between their trading economies, the country leaders also discussed the role of women in the workplace. After a couple of stores refused to continue selling Ivonka Trump’s clothing line dues to her association with her dad, D. Trump likely go defensive thinks ValueMags executives. He is likely trying to adhere to Trudeau’s concerns and requests which fits directly with his backlash towards those stores under the terms “the role of women in the workplace”. It is in Trump’s history to be direct, take immediate offense, and be very protective and defensive of his environment and values.Image result for ValueMags: Trudeau meets Trump

As a result of their shared values and norms, Trump went on their press conference to say that both Canada and the United States have shed blood together, and have special bonds through current affairs and history that will help them grow even more together. The conclusion of their meeting was that the pair were able to come to an agreement about where their economies stand and how they can be balanced however they remain opposed on immigration laws and morals. However, ValueMags executives do consider that both countries compliment each other well. While one does not accept immigrants from certain countries, the other does. And both countries have and continue to balance each other and play off of each other. We can only hope for the best.