Although in current years there has been substantial adverse publicity related with certain pharmaceutic drugs as there is still the strong discernment that medical drugs are beneficial and will help.

While it is acknowledged that for helping to relieve the suffering of many millions, medical drugs have been significant, it is also the case that unwarranted use of medicinal drugs (obtained either over the supermarket or counter at a pharmacists or on prescription), can lead to serious bodily ill-health. Unless there is a defined medical problem, it is important to avoid taking drugs.

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What are the complications connected with medical drugs?

When the medical practitioner and government agencies prescribe and allow medication, we assume that they have completely checked it out and that it will be safe (even though these days we have a tendency to accept that there will be some side effects related with most drugs) – after all they do conduct clinical trials! Unfortunately even though to test new drugs pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trial, the trials have a number of inadequacies. These includes the following:

  • Until sometime after the drug is released for widespread use, the long term effects are not known as the trials are short term. For instance the long term consequence of diethylstilbestrol – given to avert threatened miscarriages. The offspring of these females are developing vaginal cancers when they are in their mid-twenties.
  • There have been many complaints of drug companies using statistical and experimental methods that will show their drugs in a noble light and not essentially show the problems experienced by people who have consumed the drug. This was the incident with Antidepressants. This research method meant that when the results were reported, people who started the drug but stopped for whatsoever reason were not calculated. The motives for people not finishing the trail were not recorded but the reason could have been that did not like what it was doing to them and they did not like how they felt on the drug.

Although with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, there have been benefits to millions, it needs to be remembered that they are far from being not hurtful. They can be fatal even in the prescribed amount that are commended. Unless there is a defined medical problem, it is significant to avoid taking drugs. There are several ways that you can improve your well-being and health so that the need for pharmaceutical medication will decline. Nonetheless, if you are presently taking medication do not come to an end without talking to your medical specialist like Michael Telvi New York as the sudden termination of medication can also have a grave effect on your body.