Looking good has a number of positives. Apart from helping one feeling good it boosts confidence, makes one feel happy and optimistic.On top of that, it also gets the attention from one and all, including the special someone.

Treat skin to look good with age

Good looks need to be attributed to good genes. But taking care of one’s health and following a fitness as well as beauty regime can also result in beautiful and healthy skin. However, whenever one talks about skin and good looks, it is by keeping the below 40-45 years age group in mind. But women post that age are equally keen to look good, albeit they need to follow a different set of skincare routine.

How to look beautiful post 50?

There are a number of ways to look beautiful even as one ages. The best choice is to opt for laser skin rejuvenation packages. This takes care of scarring tissues, pigmentation marks, acne blemishes and similar age related skin problems. The added advantage of the therapy is that it is a non-invasive procedure which smoothens and rejuvenates skin. It might seem a little expensive compared to a salon, but it is performed by medically trained staff. Also, the laser used is low intensity, just enough to stimulate the new skin cells.


Apart from this, women at 50 could also make heads turn by learning a few makeup tricks. First, the makeup must be subtle, like adding definition to the brows, applying mascara and adding colour in the form of lipsticks. The cheeks could use some colour too but shimmery and sparkly colours must be avoided as they highlight the wrinkles and fine lines. The brows must also be trimmed regularly. But remember not to colour them black, as that definitely does not help while trying to look beautiful and young. The hair colour can be experimented to some extent too, to hide the grays. Also, regular haircuts appropriate to the age can take years off the face. The skin care regime must consist of regular usage of moisturiser. This is because the skin dries up and fine lines develop, especially post menopause. Thus, good serums and moisturisers can help the skin renew some of its moisture content.

Inclusion in diet for beautiful skin and looks

Aloe vera must be incorporated into the diet. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and is loaded with polysaccharides as well. This makes them excellent lubricating agents for the skin, joints, brains and the nervous system too. It has beneficial effects on the immune system, cardiovascular system and digestive system too. Food rich in phytoestrogen is helpful too as it compensates for the lost estrogen levels. These include ground flax seeds, legumes, red clover tea and soy. The skin benefits from the estrogen found in these foods. Meats and animal proteins on the other hand must be avoided as they result in loss of calcium from the body as well.

Summing up

Good looks are a result of healthy living and diligent care of skin and general well being. Leading an active life and staying away from stress also contribute to problem-free skin and good looks. Once these are followed age just remains a mere number when one looks beautiful inside and out.